Intervention pathway

Men and adolescents who need help must first call the organization themselves to request service. This first telephone contact aims to obtain basic information surrounding the request for help.


Following this initial information gathering, a worker will carry out a more in-depth needs assessment. Depending on the problem presented by the individual, the violence or difficulty component will be assigned.

Where possible Homme Alternative begins monitoring as soon as possible. However, it is possible that a waiting list will be set up. The waiting time information is then indicated.

To the extent of Individual meetings for evaluation and preparation for follow-up
  • Ensure that Homme Alternative is the organization that best meets its needs
  • Evaluate your mental and emotional health
  • Explain confidentiality and mode of intervention
  • Make the client aware of the mode of operation and the objectives of the individual and group approach
  • Evaluate customer engagement (voluntary registration)

The violence component includes very specific essential elements:
  • Check recognition of the problem of violence
  • Assess the degree of responsibility for violence
  • Assess the motivation to change

Following these assessment meetings, the client and his/her worker will be able to discuss the possibility of joining a therapy group.

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