Services related to violent behavior
The primary objective of this service is to provide assistance to the man who uses violent behavior, which will enable him to eliminate his/her abusive behavior towards his/her intimate partner and children from his/her life. This applies to all forms of violence, whether verbal, psychological, physical, sexual, economic or social.

The therapy program aims to raise awareness in the man so that he becomes aware of his problem and leads him to recognize that he is the master of his behavior. The client can thus discover the power he has over himself and not the power he believes others have over him.

Therapy also allows men to find their own solutions to their violence and thereby demonstrate the power they have to change themselves. Men who come to Homme Alternative must necessarily get involved in achieving their goals by agreeing to share and discuss their experiences with the worker they meet. In addition, the tools discovered during the follow-up must be used daily in order to put new behaviors into practice, both inside and outside of meetings.

Basic principle of the intervention

The intervention at Homme Alternative is based on principles and values which are fundamental so that the therapeutic approach brings responsibility to the client. Here we describe the most important ones :
  • Domestic violence is a crime just like violence against a stranger
  • Priority must be given to the safety and protection of victims
  • If a responder has good reason to believe that someone's safety is in danger, he or she has a duty to report the situation to the appropriate authorities
  • The intervention aims to purely and simply stop all forms of violence (verbal, psychological, physical, sexual, economic, social, etc.)
  • The fact that the violence leads or does not lead to legal proceedings should not change its reprehensible nature, nor the treatment
  • The intervention advocates equality between the sexes and between people regardless of their religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Each individual is responsible for their violent behavior
  • The assistance offered to violent spouses must never be used to avoid criminal sanction
  • Intervention with violent spouses must take into account the criminal nature of domestic violence and ensure not to attenuate, in the eyes of the client, the scope of the legal process
  • Violence is a learned behavior and not a disease
  • Intervention with violent spouses must consider that violent behavior is a learned mode of control, perceived as advantageous, used to resolve conflicts and dissatisfaction and not an illness over which the person has no power
  • Acting violently is not a loss of self-control, but rather a means of gaining control and power over others
  • The participant's suffering cannot justify his violent behavior
Of course, the worker must take into account the client's experience to better understand how he acts today, but this should not serve to excuse him or take responsibility for his behavior.

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