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Homme Alternative, founded in 1986, was born from an initiative by various stakeholders in the field who, following reflection on domestic violence, came to the conclusion that it was imperative that concrete actions be taken to solve this problem in a tangible way, by focusing on and helping the perpetrators themselves of this violence, the men who exhibit violent behavior.

In 2003, Homme Alternative developed a new component to its services; the Man in Difficulty section. In a context where the psychological distress of men and their suffering are more highlighted, the organization wishes to offer these men a help relationship service aimed specifically at them. In addition to meeting the needs of men experiencing relational and/or transitional problems, this component makes it possible to detect and prevent domestic violence by intervening upstream on risk factors such as difficulties in managing their emotions and asserting themselves adequately. and to feel responsible for meeting their needs, for example.

This component is intended to be complementary to the domestic violence component and in this sense, is based on the same basic principles for intervention as well as the same values ​​and therapeutic approaches.

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