Mission of the organization

Homme Alternative is a non-profit organization which aims, with regard to the problem of domestic and family violence, to offer a prevention and treatment service to the male population corresponding to the territories of the Arthabaska Health and Social Service Center - Maple and Bécancour. A complementary component offering help to men experiencing personal and relational difficulties is also offered.

Objectives of the organization

  • Prevent and possibly counter family and/or marital violence.
  • Build and apply an intervention approach adapted to this problem and which places particular emphasis on stopping violent behavior.
  • Inform and raise awareness among the population about the problem of family and domestic violence and applicable alternatives.
  • Offer a reference and consultation service to all men.
  • Allow individuals who are experiencing this problem to reflect and develop their own personal journey so that they can eventually help other men struggling with the same difficulties.
  • Provide men and adolescents who are struggling with problems of violence with concrete and specific help.
  • Respond to a need in the community identified and recognized by all, for which no specialized resources exist in the region.
  • Promote mutual assistance and support between participants of the targeted clientele.
  • Providing services in the field of mental health.

Our core values

  • Accountability
  • Response to individual needs
  • Respect and fairness
  • Professionalism
  • Confidentiality
Homme Alternative
90, Girouard
Victoriaville, Quebec  G6P 5T5



Monday through Friday
8am to 4:30pm
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